Thursday, September 16, 2010

Democracy for Kids @ LC Karachi

On International Day of Democracy, The coordinator briefed the children about LCK-resources & activities. He shared the web presentation with kids, highlighting the main ingredients that makes democracy work, facts of congress like early congress, dealing with diversity, passing laws, citizen participation, Legislators & their duties etc. The children were brainstormed about the role of individuals, representatives, and how to advocate for their rights.

An interesting comparative part was the house mouse vs senate mouse presentation with a look on an imaginary society of mice settles differences in the legislative branch of its Rodent Republic. Children were very much amused with this part of the presentation. Then these kids learn how to make a difference in society with their active participation. They also learned about the three levels of government and the type of issues these levels deal with. The students were briefed about the impact of government on their life through a segment: Government affect my life.

Another interesting part of the program was a skype conference live from Turkey with Mr. Robert Bixler, Ex-Director, Community Development in United States, who shared how a layman US citizen enjoys the democracy in United States. The children were very happy with this interaction and engaged in an interactive discussion on democracy, Children with leadership skills have been selected to participate in a role play for public advocacy
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