Monday, July 13, 2009

July 4th, A historical day in my life

July 4th, is considered to be a historical day in the life of millions of Americans but this July 4th turned as a unique life learning experience in my life. This IVLP program provided us the opportunity to experience the patriotism of a nation, who use to have love for values, acknowledges services of their heroes and reiterates its diversity all the times.

On 4th of July we were in Washington DC, and we were granted previliges to explore the city by our own, I was accompanied by Malicca & Eman to femiliarize ourselves to the roads & sight seening placing in Washington. We took 17th street and went strait to President house, which was crowded by tourists & patroitic peoples to enjoy the independance day.

We were fortunate to experience the Smithsonian Folklife festival, which highlighted the folk culture across the United States and it was really a wonderful experience to listen the festive songs & observing the diversity of American Nation & immigrants.

You would not believe, we were feeling ourselves as a part of that community by enjoying glow of Americans and immigrants who were all despered to express their love to this country which provided them such a rich diversity that eliminated the difference between them.

We took some light festive food and kept our journy for quest of American behaviour to their independance till to the night at fire works at the mall.

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